Rendering Your Home and Associated Works

When choosing to render your home there are other works you might want to consider undertaking, things like repainting eaves and external doors, tidying up wiring, conduits and pipes, terminating and or blocking up surplus pipes and openings, and so on. A lot of the time these things will be removed and then reinstated after the render and paint is complete. We can take care of this for you, so as to make sure the finish is left undisturbed by other trades. Fresh paint on the eaves helps add to the new home look, as once the walls are looking fresh, old paint on the eaves can look tired and in some cases detract from the overall finish. Sometimes a wash down will suffice and can be performed during the pre-render pressure wash that happens in preparation for the render. Tiling can be carried out before or after, but if you are removing old tiles it would be best to do this prior. You should consider ground levels ie garden heights, concrete slabs or paths that might not be retained in the future and so on as these would be best removed or dug away prior.