Rendering Stafford

Rendering Specialists to Modernise Every Home in Stafford
There is no better alternative than house rendering to bring a splash of freshness and add value to the property. Whether you want to add modernity to your existing home style or wish to enhance the aesthetics of your house, rendering is your answer. With us, SCR Rendering, our dedicated and experienced professionals will make sure the process of house rendering in Stafford is quick yet budget-friendly. From small residences to huge apartments, we do it all.

Keeping our customers happy and satisfied is our priority and we offer flexible services for catering to the needs with the most excellent quality work.

Rendering Stafford
Here are the three most major services we specialise in
Cement Rendering Albany Creek

Cement Rendering
Choosing our cement rendering service is one of the most effective ways to provide strength and aesthetics to the building structure. For us, we do more and better than just preparing a cement mix to get the rendering done. We have been in the business of cement rendering in Stafford for 15 years now, and that is why we impart our knowledge and expertise to ensure the process is done maintaining the highest standard. We can also include membrane paints on the rendered area to make sure the cement rendering lasts for a long time without the need of much maintenance.
Acrylic Rendering Albany Creek

Acrylic Rendering
Acrylic rendering is undoubtedly the modern way how the rendering process has to be carried out. When you choose the experts of SCR Rendering to be at your side, we will make sure your house gets rendered without any flaw. Our acrylic mix meets the industry standards and allows the walls to remain crack proof and also remains flexible. The mix we use for the rendering process gets dried up quickly, giving you the perfect finish. Be it for a concrete structure, timber, or fibre cement, our services of acrylic rendering in Stafford will ensure that it is suitable for every type of wall material or not. We use superior quality material that will allow the underneath material to breathe and provide optimum resistance against bacteria and fungi.

We are also into acrylic coloured rendering that let us add colour to the standard acrylic mix and then apply it to the wall. The colour will not only make it look better but also provide an additional protective layer to the rendered wall.

Solid Plastering Albany Creek

Solid Plastering
Are you planning to rejuvenate the look of your home? Choose to go with solid plastering and save your house from looking tired and dated. With years of experience in the specific plastering technique, our team has gained the knowledge of the material and the advanced techniques that can be used. We have handled multiple projects of solid plastering in Stafford till date leaving our clients in maximum satisfaction. We aim to make the work cost-effective, making it easy for every house owner to go for it. Choose us for both exterior or interior work and witness the result right away.