The Best Rendering Services in Brisbane
If you are looking for the best rendering services in Brisbane, SCR Rendering Brisbane is the company you should consider since we house the most skilled and experienced renderers to enhance the appearance of your property. Besides, we are the most demanded company when it comes to giving a makeover of your property since we have expertise in all types of renders that include cement rendering, acrylic rendering, stucco, etc.

At SCR Rendering Brisbane, we also provide render painting to form textures on the exterior surfaces to make your property look appealing. For this, we use premium materials and state of the art tools and techniques. Furthermore, our professional renderers make sure that your project gets completed on time.

When you choose us, you have the option to invest in the rendering material of your choice. But if you do not have any idea about what will suit your building best, we will make the selection process easier for you.

Cement Rendering
At SCR Rendering, we understand that cement rendering is more than just mixing some render and whacking it up. It is an art form that requires extensive knowledge and skill to achieve the best results. With over 15 years in the industry, you can be sure we have the expertise to get your project finished to the highest of standards. We can also apply coloured membrane paints to make the interior and external rendering look complete and ensure your investment has the best protection available.
Acrylic Render
Often mistaken for pre-bagged render, acrylic render is flexible, slightly thicker than a paint-like coating applied over cement render (bagged or site mixed). It is also used for coating surfaces that cement render is not suitable for due to its limited flexibility. Surfaces like the blue board, EPS {foam} and Hebel. It can have colour added to it but on most occasions still requires the addition of a clear sealer to protect it. However, in our acrylic rendering in Brisbane service, we do whatever is necessary to make your property look stunning.
A high percentage of homes around Brisbane are covered in a variety of beautiful, old stucco with a range of different finishes and patterns. Adding an extension? We have you covered. We can match just about any stucco pattern to keep the original finish of your house.
We can handle any repairs you might have such as damage, delamination and other forms of cracking, etc. We have the knowledge to ensure you receive the correct advice on the right approach to remedy whatever the problem may be.
Surfaces We Render
When it comes to wall and building rendering, we include clay Brick and Block, concrete block, previously painted brick and block, AAC ( Hebel- panel and block) Blue Board and fibre cement sheet, Off Form Concrete, Pre-cast concrete, EPS and XPS ( foam board), Ritek, AFS and Dincel and many more.
Why Choose Our Rendering Services?
Put your money on our rendering since

  • Our renderers are highly skilled and experienced and punctual
  • We are a licensed and trusted rendering company
  • We always meet project deadlines be it in rendering or repairs
  • We take all safety measures while rendering your property
  • We provide guidance on choosing the best render for your property

To get your queries solved regarding our services or the types of render that exist, call us now.